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WWOWF Saltbush Six

Allan Cameron started his musical path in Tamworth in the originals band “Cornerstone Rock” performing their mostly original gospel country/rock material quickly becoming a sought-after NSW act. He then made the move to Sydney working his way up the gruelling Sydney originals ladder in the band “Sebastian Brik” going from small corner pubs such as Randwick Racecourse Hotel all the way up to choose supports at larger venues like the Coogee Bay Hotel and Caringbah Inn.

Darcy was born in Brisbane 1990. Growing up, Darcy participated in a variety of sports, but excelled in tennis, and was pursuing a career as a pro. He won his first tournament at age 15 in the United Kingdom and went on to reach the top 40 men in the UK by age 17. He then decided that his love for music was greater than tennis and moved to France to take up a coaching position in Nice that allowed him to play music nightly.

Fortunately, for fans of Darcy’s music, he decided to take up the guitar, and soon he was playing in a local bar. This lead to his interest in songwriting, and later to his move back to his birthplace Brisbane.