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Megan Cooper

WWOWF Megan Cooper

Megan Cooper’s music is high country, folksy, vintage, honest… the sonic equivalent of a fragrant cup of tea with a sneaky shot of something a little stronger.

With addictive melodies and extraordinary tales of common hearts, Cooper’s been earning praise since the release of her critically acclaimed debut album, Ghosts, Choirs & Kings in 2014.

For someone who sings the sad songs, she sure has a good time doing it. Her live shows are full of energy, sweet harmony and dry observation of the everyday. A natural performer, Cooper layers her shows with earthiness, energy and outstanding songwriting.

She has an inbuilt affinity with everything that is good in twang, delivering a deliciously elegant serving of aural sweetness that is rooted in the traditions of Americana and Australian Folk.

Always song writing, usually in her kitchen, Cooper has published three bodies of work: ‘North’ (EP), ‘Ghosts, Choirs & Kings’ and ‘Wild Mountain’. She is a 2020 Queensland Music Awards finalist and a producer of the travelling songwriters showcase The Cake and Cordial Sessions.