Keith Jamieson

WWOWF Keith Jamieson

Keith has been around for many years and has been a Ringer in the outback, Road train operator, Oil and exploration worker, Coal miner,

Coach and Taxi driver , he is also a Singer/ Songwriter and has recorded many songs over the years, he has had his songs recorded by many people including the late Slim Dusty, Reg Poole OAM, Jeff Brown, Dean Perrett and many more.

Keith likes to write about the land, people and places he loves

leaning towards the bush ballad style of writing from his life experience

He has won many awards through the years including A Golden Guitar

For I Love Australia with Jeff Brown and has been in the finals several times he has been a member of the CMAA for a long time and also a member of the TSA since nineteen seventy eight and also a member of ABBA and ABPA. he also helps run several festivals.

Keith has toured around and crissed crossed Australia many times by road.

Keith hopes to help the young ones along the road of song as he has done for many years with Traditional Country and Bush Ballads for many years to come.