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Andy Toombs

WWOWF Andy Toombs

Andy started playing bass for big name recording Artists at the age of 17. Looking back now on a career spanning 23 years in the business, That’s no mean feat! Music has taken Andy to 33 countries, let alone practically every square inch of Australia, an Island Nation he’s proud to call his home.

With a gentle persuasion from industry counterparts and fans alike, Andy now finds himself plunging into his own projects. The problem was he often avoided being a front man. It has taken some inner work to truly realise his potential on centre stage.

Releasing his debut Album in 2020 to critical acclaim helped propel him even further forward and he enjoys what the creative freedom and emotional investment brings.

We should all be curios of what’s achievable”, Says Andy. Fans have been patiently anticipating something great from this gifted, soulful vocalist. You can expect to
hear his unique voice more and more. Solo, with his band, either way it’ll be genuine, with style and a smile.