WWOWF Adam Harvey

Jen Mize, a power house vocalist, a celebrated & respected songwriter, is also recognised as one of the foremost authorities on Americana and Alt-Country music in Australia.  

Jen has a whole lot on her plate these days. On top of her highly regarded radio show at 98.9FM ‘Three Chords and the Truth’, (co-hosted w/Paddy McHugh) Jen is also launching her new podcast the ‘Jen Does’ series which has been touted as singular take on the ups and downs of the music business, giving unprecedented insight into the lives of artists and musicians, and the work that has inspired Jen over the years. The added bonus being that each multi-episode deep dive ‘Jen Does’ is coupled with a national tour and live concert series. The first in the series will be ‘Jen Does Joni’ a deep dive into songstress Joni Mitchell.

To bring it all home, next year Jen is bringing out a whole new sound with her new band ‘The Rough N’ Tumble’, a raucous country/rock, blues n’ soul 8-piece outfit with an amazing line up, even a horn section. Go big or go home.