Winton Way Out West Festival

Line Up

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Madeleine Chaplain

Madeleine Chaplain is a Melbourne based artist, originally from a cattle station in North-West Queensland (located within the Cloncurry Shire). From country to city Madeleine has travelled the world pursuing all of her creative passions, acting, music and writing.

When it comes to her music; since releasing her debut EP album 'Turtles in the Desert' in 2013, Madeleine has been collaborating with various artists and genres to uncover where she belongs within the music industry. Her latest collaboration with guitarist Adam Castle has seen Madeleine embrace acoustic rock/pop with a hint of folk.

Under their artist collaboration name 'Madeleine's Castle' are currently in the studio recording 'Madeleine's Castle' EP album. Madeleine still plans to experiment and stay open to different genres as she continues her musical exploration.