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John Schumann

John Schumann is a survivor. In his life he has achieved more success than most people do in two lifetimes. He has also come face to face with adversity and set-backs but he has always been able to reinvent himself. He has been a school teacher, singer-songwriter, senior bureaucrat and political staffer.

Throughout his life, John Schumann has remained staunchly Australian - in the face of so-called "expert" advice to the contrary. Drawing on a wide range of experiences, personal and professional, John has a deep understanding and appreciation of what it means to be Australian and this has been reflected in all his work.

From 1998 - early 2001, John Schumann was the Chief of Staff for the then Leader of the Australian Democrats, Senator Meg Lees. He traversed the corridors of power, learned the secrets and was one of the team that, for a while, made the Democrats a political force to be reckoned with.

In 1998 he took the Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, to postal votes in the once blue ribbon Liberal seat of Mayo.

For two years prior to that appointment, John was a Ministerial Consultant to the Hon. Diana Laidlaw, South Australia's Minister for the Arts in the field of Contemporary Music Business Development. It was during this time that John began a (continuing) series of speaking engagements to the corporate business world and educational institutions, both in South Australia and nationally.

John's initial "claim to fame" was as lead singer, and principal songwriter of Australian music act "Redgum". Songs like "I've Been to Bali Too" and the anthemic "I Was Only 19" still resonate through the Australian consciousness and are still very much part of our musical landscape. Not only are these songs "classics" in the true sense of the word, but John's lyrics paint vivid pictures in the memories of many people, both young and old.

John Schumann has been the recipient of numerous music and theatre awards including a number of gold and platinum records, 2 Golden Guitars, a Pater Award, a Mo Award and 2 APRA Awards.

Simply put - John Schumann enjoys a well-deserved reputation as one of the more perceptive, intelligent and talented artists Australia has produced in the last 20 years.