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plan your way out road trip!

A Celebration of the Road Trip... We’ve put together all you need to know to plan your road trip to the festival. From various locations, we’ve mapped out the distance, and added in some must do stops along the way. check it out below.

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Can I buy a 1 or 2-day ticket?

1-day festival tickets are available for Friday the 26th of April and Saturday the 27th of April only. Limited 1-day tickets are available.

Showgrounds campsites can also be purchased on a 1 or 2-night basis, as can Tent City accommodations. Free-camping at Long Waterhole is first-come first-served and therefore subject to availability.

For more info click here 

If I book multiple campsites will they be together?

Both site owners or mates must arrive at the same time, or have a representative of both groups to claim a site next to each other.

We don’t reserve or number sites.

How do we contact the Festival Office?

A contact form is available here

Call 1300 665 115 9am-5pm 7 days a week

For general festival enquiries, call the festival hotline number at the Waltzing Matilda centre in Winton on 1300 665 115

For all ticketing enquiries call EMedia campaigns on 07 3227 0200

Can I bring food and bottled water/soft drink into the main festival precinct?

Yes, all water/soft drink bottles must be sealed.  A water recharge station is available in the festival precinct, as well as bottled water on sale.

Infant and toddler food can be brought into the Festival Site.

All eskies/backpacks will be searched and any alcohol confiscated.

The festival has a licenced bar and food on sale.

All areas of the festival site and campgrounds are glass free.

What can I bring to cook food?

Showgrounds Camping - gas stoves and kitchen facilities are permitted. No open fires. 

Tent City - a kitchen and facility is available at the site. No open fires. 

If I bring my caravan or motorhome what do I do with our waste water?

A waste grey and black water dumping pit is available at the Showgrounds camping area. 

There is no such facility at Long Waterhole, meaning free-campers will need to be self-sufficient. 

Can I bring my own alcohol?

Showgrounds camping - yes.

Tent City - yes. 

Long Waterhole - yes.

No alcohol may be brought into the main festival site.

All areas of the festival site and campgrounds are glass-free.

Food is on sale at the festival, and there is a licensed bar. 

What camping options are available?

Camping at the Showgrounds for those with RVs/caravans/campers/BYO tent/swag or other means. Toilets, hot showers and drinking water are available at the campgrounds. A shuttle bus service to and from the festival grounds will be provided and is included in your camping fee. Showgrounds camping has 24/7 security, medical facilities, food stalls and ice sales. Showgrounds camping tickets must first be purchased from the festival website along with your festival ticket.

Tent City is a different campground to the Showgrounds, located adjacent to the main festival site. This type of accommodation is available to those who do not wish to bring their own tent or camping equipment - tent city. Erected tents are available in various sizes and include stretcher beds and tent light. Extras can be added such as linen, camp chairs and tables and these items are not included in the tent city camping packages. 24/7 security, medical services, toilets, hot showers and parking are provided. A cooked breakfast daily is included in your Tent City camping package. Tent City camping packages are available in 2, 3 and 4-night packages. All camping and Tent City tickets along with festival must be purchased from the festival website.

Long Waterhole is the festival's free camping option. It is scenic billabong about 2km from the town centre. It's suitable for self-sufficient campers (no water or power) and is dog-friendly. If you're wondering how you will get to and from the festival, there's a shuttle bus from the festival to the campground for only $15 return (daily). Please note: there are no marked spaces and camping occurs on a first-come first-served basis. Portaloos will be provided.

How can I charge my phone?

A phone charging kiosk is available in the town centre and at the festival grounds.

Will there be mobile signal and Wifi?

Free wifi is provided by the Winton Shire Council in Elderslie Street (main street) and at the main festival grounds.

Mobile phone services operate on 3G and 4G. Telstra is the only service provider in Winton.

Is breakfast included when I buy a tent city camping package?

Tent City – yes, daily (4-night minimum stay)

A reminder that Tent City camping is a different Campground located next to the festival site, not in the showgrounds.

Can I bring a generator for showgrounds camping

Yes. For the consideration of other campers, generators are not to be operating between the hours of 10pm-9am.

Can I bring a generator for tent city camping?

No. Generators are not permitted in Tent City.

Will there be drinking water available in the campsite areas?

Yes, drinking water will be provided in both the Showgrounds and Tent City areas. This is artesian water, and while perfectly safe to drink, can emit an odour that takes a little getting used to. 

Water is not provided at Long Waterhole and campers at that location will need to be self-sufficient. 

Can I park my car near my camp site?

Yes. Showgrounds camping may have sufficient car space at your site.  If your car or additional vehicles don’t fit into the designated space, parking is available free of charge at the overflow car park nearby.

All Tent City camping will have a parking area for vehicles adjacent to tent city.

Can I bring a Bus/RV/Caravan to camp/park at the festival?

Yes. Camping is available at the showgrounds. Tickets must be purchased for camping, as well as admission to the main festival.  

How much room will I have to set up camp?

There are three Showgrounds campsite sizes available: Large (17m x 10m), Medium (10m x 10m), and Small (8m x 6m).

how can i get to winton?

  1. Travel by motor vehicle - a conventional motor vehicle is okay - no 4WD required.
  2. Full travel packages are available from These include rail, air and coach combinations.

When can I access my Tent at Tent City?

Campers can access their tent at Tent City from 7am on Thursday 25th April 2019 and must vacate by midday on Monday 29th April 2019.

Can I bring my Dog?

If you are camping at the showgrounds you are allowed to bring your dog, provided it is kept on a leash or secure, and not left to wander. Dogs are not allowed in Tent City or the festival grounds. 

Can I bring my Ute and set up camp in the back?

Yes. Camping is available at the showgrounds, where toilets and hot showers are available. You will need to book camping tickets in addition to the festival tickets. 

Can I bring a horse float or body truck to camp/park at the festival?

Yes. Camping is available at the showgrounds, where toilets and hot showers are available. You will need to book camping tickets in addition to the festival tickets. 

When can I set up my camp at the Showgrounds?

The showgrounds will be open on Tuesday 23rd April 2019 at 4pm for all campers. Tickets for camping must also be purchased along with your festival ticket. Check-in for camping is from Wednesday 24th to Sunday 28th, 7am till 9pm. All campers are to vacate the showgrounds before midday on Monday 29th April 2019.

Are there any powered camp sites?

Yes. A limited number of campsites at the showgrounds are powered and may be purchased from this website.

What are the age limits on tickets?

This is an all ages family-friendly ticketed event - children 12 years and under free.

There are youth, adult and family tickets available.

Concession tickets are available for pensioners.  Your pension card will need to be produced at the Festival Entry gate when converting your paper ticket to an armband, otherwise the balance of a full priced ticket will be payable. 

Where can i find the program for each day?

The full program can be downloaded from the festival app, and is available from our website as a printable pdf. A printed program will also be made available during the festival.

How can I pay for my tickets?

Tickets can be purchased on the festival website or with Visa or MasterCard debit or credit cards and PayPal (booking fees apply). We have a 'lay-by' option to pay off your ticket over time. 

What is “Time to Pay/Pay As You Go” and how does it work?

This ticketing facility allows you to pay equal instalments over a maximum of 5 payments (reducing as the event draws closer).  An initial deposit and booking fee is made and future payments are debited from your nominated account.  Details are on the ticketing page.

How do I use my Print-At-Home E-ticket to gain entry to the event?

You can bring a print at home ticket or bring the PDF file and display the ticket barcode on your phone.

How do I download and print my at Home E-ticket(s) in hard copy?

Save a PDF version of your ticket on your phone and present your phone with the barcode displayed to gain entry.

How do I change the name on my Print at Home E-Ticket?

Call the festival hotline on 1300 665 115 for feedback on your request.

Can I have a festival ticket mailed to me?

The tickets are available as an e-ticket (sent by email when you order), or you can have your tickets delivered by registered post (extra fee per order).

Will there be a Shuttle service available to and from the festival site?

A complimentary shuttle bus service is available to take patrons to and from the festival site, from the Showgrounds and other venues around Winton. This shuttle is included in the cost of camping. Additional services are schedule for the 2019 event.

The free shuttle service is distinct from the shuttle running to and from Long Waterhole (2km out of town) which will cater to free-campers and costs $15 return daily. 

Can I get a refund?

All tickets are non-refundable except in accordance with the laws of Queensland.  Full Ts & Cs are available here.

Is there entertainment during the day?

Entertainment is programmed during the day at the various hotels and other venues in town. Full program will be announced closer to the event.

Can I bring a chair into the main festival?

Yes, you can. A designated chair zone is provided at the festival.  A no chair zone is designated directly in front of the stage for safety.

What will the weather be like in April?

The weather in Winton during the festival should have approximate highs and lows of 32*c in the daytime and 17*c during the night.

Will there be extra ATM’s on hand?

Additional ATMs are available in town, as well as at the festival site.

What if I become unwell during my visit to the Festival?

Over indulged? Headache? Blisters? Dehydrated? Forgot your meds? Medical services are being provided by QAS (Queensland Ambulance Service) in cooperation with the Winton Hospital, RFDS and Winton Pharmacy throughout the festival.

Can I bring a camera or digital camera with me to the festival?

Yes. However, professional video or digital cameras are not permitted without promoter accreditation.

What services are there for people with a disability?

A viewing area with an unimpeded view of the main stage is available.

Disabled toilets and showers are available at the Showgrounds and at the festival site.

There is only one taxi operating in Winton, so patrons with a disability who may require its service are advised to book ahead. The taxi number is 1300 665 115.

What time can I access the main concert on Friday 26th April and Saturday 27th April 2019?

Gates will be open at 2:45pm each day.

Entertainment will commence from 3pm and conclude at 12am.

Am I required to have a Camping Pass to gain access to the festival site?

The festival is promoted as a camping event. However, you do not require a camping pass to gain access to concert venues; only your festival armband is required.

what are my accommodation options for the festival?

This festival is a camping event – See 'What camping options are available?'

Hotel/motel and caravan park accommodation in Winton is limited.

Festival organisers have made three camping accommodation options available:

*Camping at the Showgrounds for those with RVs/caravans/campers/BYO tent/swag or other means.

*Tent City is located adjacent to the festival site. This type of accommodation is available to those who do not wish to bring their own tent or camping equipment. 

*Long Waterhole is a free camping option, 2km from town and operating on a first-come first-served basis. It is suitable for self-sufficient campers and a shuttle bus is available to travel to and from the festival for $15 return per day.

For more info click here.

Where is the Festival?

The festival operates across 8 stages in the town of Winton.

Where is Winton?

Winton is a town and locality in the Shire of Winton in Central West Queensland, Australia. It is 177km North West of Longreach and 1500 km north-west of Brisbane.

What are the dates for Winton’s Way Out West Fest?

Thursday 25th  April to Sunday 28th April 2019.